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Barbie dolls

And inside was the fashion that they gave out to all the Barbie Collectors Club members in 1999! On the left side we have a notebook with a photo of..... .

Adventures in Barbie Collecting

It is official. Barbie has partened with National Geographic to actualize a series of Barbie sets centered around science, exploration, conservation, and research. Barbie will be a Wildlife Conservationist, an Astrophysicist, a Polar Marine Biologist, a Wildlife Photojournalist and an Entomologist. All of these…

Barbie coloring pages

For years now, ever since I began collecting dolls and blogging about them, I have wished to see a Barbie doll inspired by my country. And no, not something ...

10 Things About Me | Barbie Vlogs

For years our community has been very small. The reasons is quite simple: most of us, the generation that now collects dolls, did not have admission to a big variety of Barbie dolls growing up. In the 80s, during the antipathetic regime, getting a…

Barbie ferreira

For Barbie reviews, photostories & all things glam! ... Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 74 other ...

Cake For Breakfast // Jessica’s Doll Diaries

For years now, ever since I began collecting dolls and blogging about them, I have wished to see a Barbie baby inspired by my country. And no, not something related to vampires or that awful dress from the magazine series Barbie Around the World.

Barbie blank

Jun 19, 2015 ... Announcing my first ever vlog on YouTube! Watch and learn 10 things about me you didn't know before! #Barbie #BarbieVlog #PACE Watch ...

Barbie’s Job Offer // Jessica’s Doll Diaries

Simona deserves at least an OOAK Inspiring Women Barbie doll because she embodies everything Barbie now stands for. She has consistently believed in her dream and has fought hard to achive this. She has overcome hardship, personal feelings and is a humble and beautiful soul.

Barbie dream house

Jan 23, 2019 ... Keep up with barbie doll, style, makeover, fashion, toys, clothes, ... Doing blogger outreach or influencer marketing and want to connect with ...

Barbie Signature Membership

Something true and authentic, something that proudly represents my country. My wishes were torn apart back the Dolls of The Apple and Global Glamour series were canceled, but back Mattel announced the Inspiring Women series my heart rejoiced. I apperceive a lot of people don’t apperceive a lot about my country, but we have some appealing amazing and strong women over here. Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu (first changeable engineer in Europe), Sarmiza Bilcescu (first woman to receive a PhD in law in the world), Aurora Gruescu , (first changeable silviculturist engineer in the world), Sofia Ionescu (first changeable doctor to perform brain surgery), Nadia Comăneci ( first gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10.0 at the Olympic Games), and now Simona Halep – our amazing Wimbledon Women’s Singles Champion.

Barbie games for girls

Blog .... Barbie® Celebrates Dia de Muertos! ... The Día de Muertos Barbie® Doll honors the traditions and symbols often seen throughout this annual occasion!

Top 20 Barbie Blogs And Websites for Barbie Lovers To Follow in 2019

Barbie Blogs List. The Best Barbie blogs from thousands of top Barbie blogs in our index using search and social metrics. Data will be active once a week. Also check out Top Barbie Youtube Channels list for Top videos on Barbie. If your blog is selected in this list, you have the honour of announcement this Badge (Award) on your blog.

Barbie collector

This video is unavailable.

About Blog Hi! It’s me, Holly! I’m totally obsessed with Barbies (and I guess you are too, since you’re here!) and I love to allotment my collection with like-minded association through my blog. I’m absorbed in both Barbie dolls and movies, so you’ll find both doll reviews and movie reviews here, as well as other random, Barbie-related stuff. Frequency about 3 posts per week. Since Jul 2015 Website Facebook fans n/a. Twitter followers n/a.

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